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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 7, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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i think he had injuries to
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his neck and his back. a young bay area boy rushed to the hospital after a mountain lion suddenly strikes. good evening. it happened this morning near the winery at coopertino. juliette goodrich is there. >> reporter: he was rushed to the hospital from this location. i have an update on him now. he is listed in fair condition. at the hospital right now with his mother and father. now, this mountain lion attack happened a mile up the road here on this popular hiking trail. along the ranch open space reserve. it happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. the sheriff department immediately closed off this hiking trail and other speeding trails in the area. the state department of fish and wildlife here and they brought in search dogs so they called them cat dogs b four of them. and a federal trapper is here in the area looking for that
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mountain lion. they say they will euthanize it. they have a piece of the boy's clothing, his shirt, to match dna. now, here is an interview with travis jerrad who explains what happened this afternoon. >> he was somewhat dragged through part of the brush. multiple family members then came to his aid, fought off the attacking mountain lion and the boy was transferred to a local medical facility where he is at right now. >> reporter: again, transferred to the hospital but in fair condition. to get the lay of the land, popular hiking trail at the base of the winery. you can see it is very populated with people in that video there. but, along this trail it is closed off where this search for the amount an lion continues. we will head to the hospital this evening to find out more on the condition of this 6-year- old boy, brian? >> you know, the attacks are rare, they don't happen often, so there is a theory as to why this one may of happened?
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>> reporter: you know, i asked the officials here wildlife officials if the drought has anything to do with it. they said there is a possibility mountain lions are shifting if different populated areas, there are warning signs here at the base of the trail but keep in mind they say this occurrence is rare. there are sightings but rarely attacks. >> yes. i mean i have seen them on hikes of my own and i turn around and go the other way. hopefully they will figure it out and find that mountain lion, thank you. a 6-year-old autistic boy, who spent 19 hours wondering the streets alone is home safe with his family tonight. sergio wondered off from his home. just after 4:00 this morning he stupleled into a homeless camp. they took him in, gave him food, shelter, called the police. the officers took him to the hospital to be checked out and he will be just fine. a woman who was saved from a fire at her home is saying
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thank you tonight to the neighbor who work her up. she wants to only be known as linda. she says she was sleeping last night with when the fire started in the garage of her home on silver crest court. her neighbor pounded on her door and yelled to wake her up. she told us how grateful she is to him and to the firefighters who responded quickly. >> i want to say thank you to them to them, they made sure that we had a place to stay last night and, yes, just amazing. >> the house did not have a smoke detector. the firefighters say it is a good reminder why it is important to have one. as for the cause of the fire it is not uncommon. the investigators say it appears to have started with an electrical problem in a clothes drier. >> a smokey car fire close off traffic in the marina district. a fewer sent us this picture. traffic was at a near stand still as they worked. no word how the fire started or if anyone was hurt. and the water it is back on
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tonight at redwood city complex. service was cut off for hours after a water main broke near 2nd avenue this morning. the pipe is now fixed but it is still unclear how it failed. >> 10,000 patients are on the loosing end of a battle between stanford hospital and blue cross. the hospital and the health plan are at an impasse over current contract tpheg orbiations. as of today. stanford terminated the agreement. anthem is asking stanford to reconsider so patients will not face higher rates as contract talks continue. it is finally time to say those words, football is back. raiders opened up on the road today. good for one team, not so good for the other. >> yes. face it. it is super bowl or bust for the 49ers and the the road did not start with potholes, 49er defense set the tone from the opening kick off. on the third play of the game. dan, starting in place of
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smith, forced a fumble, chris scored. the first of four dallas cowboy turnovers. it was really the difference in the game. the offense jumped all over the dallas mistakes. kaepernick fires the pressure. now, the 49ers jumped out for the plead and they won. now, carr threw two touchdown in his first start. trailing the jets by 6 midway through the 4th and chris ivory broke free. 71 scored. newyork, 200 yards on the ground. they went 19-14. the raiders now lost 14 straight in the eastern time zone. great start for the 49ers. not so much for oak land. one of 16. more reaction coming up in sports. >> perspective there, see you in a bit. it was just -- >> now this. why the quake that hit napa two weeks ago may of done some good
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some good, at least. it unleashed torrents of groundwater that could slig ease the drought there. in sonoma county
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the quake that hit napa did some good. this creek in sonoma couldn't seusually dry but all of a sudden, this is what is -- county it is usually dry but all of the sudden, this is what is happening. the ground moved allowing the ground water to come up. >> three days after the quake i yelled to my wife, you got to see the creek. this is what we saw. it is just amazing. >> some of the water coming up is now tested to see if it can be used for drinking but scientists caution it will not last long. probably only a few months and people who live uphill could potentially see their wells run dry. we will see. a resort will be happy to have some of the water. it is drying up fast from the drought. residents tell mark kelly they are determined to conserve while preserving their way of life. >> reporter: at loop and lodge, clothing might be optional but water, that is a necessity. >> we have not really had an
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issue with having enough water all of these years for the last 40 years until this drought. >> reporter: lori kay runs the resort. the main source of water, two wells and a spring are bone- dry. >> water on all of our water sources, they are all -- they are all low. and it is getting lower. >> when the resort is 87,000 gallon water tank gets low they ship in water. 3800 gallons at a time. but that water does not keep the forest all around them from drying up. 5 trees and one month came crashing down, one blocking this entire road. >> it is a big additional for people and buildings and vehicles. >> reporter: they are concerned the lack of water. no fear of going under. now, not fear to do everything that we want here because of the water restrictions. >> it cut down significantly. signs remind members to conserve. military showers are a must.
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the pool doubles as a water source if a wildfire were to ever break out. and the lawn, the resort's public square of sorts, never gets watered. >> it is one of the showcase pieces, that lawn. >> reporter: still, members make fun with what they have and pitch in. each person encouraged to dough nate three gallons of water a day to the resort with the hope it will remain a paradise another 79 years. >> i think people have been coming here for so long they are going to continue to come here and they are going to donate water if that is what they need to do to be here. >> reporter: back to you. >> the resort's efforts have paid off. their water use is down from 10,000 you gallons a day to about 6,000. firefighters are making progress on a wild fire burning near yosemite tonight. bridge fire is holding at 3acres. now 65% contained. the fire broke out on friday and at one point, threatened 700 homes. but, all evacuation orders have
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been lifted and a portion of highway 49 is briefly shutdown it is back open. norberg may have been brought down but the hurricane is making an impression on parts of southern california. >> making an impression on us as well. there are changes coming this week. we will have details when we cover the forecast as we look live towards the golden gate, after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. flash-flooding this afternon parts of riverside and san bernardino c it only rained for an hour but it was enough to cause flash flooding this afternoon near parts of riverside and san
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bernardino counties. and cars, as you can see there, swarmed and several freeways and surface streets were almost under water. it is incredible. the thunderstorms are spin offs from now tropical storm norberg as it moved through mexico. and the former hurricane is turning up big waves off of southern california beaches. this is the scene off of san diego right now. you can see, surfers are happy. is any of that headed our way? >> a little bit. we will see high cloudiness, and return to the mountain lion story, have you seen anything while hiking in the east bay? >> no, i have not. the time that i saw it, i want to say, what you should do if you are close to a mountain lion, make yourself big and a lot of noise because it will intimidate them. the one i saw was a mile away and i did not test that theory. as we head out to the golden gate bridge, hazy sunshine. not much in the way of low cloudiness, it will return in a
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couple of hours. right now, warm in concord. 77 degrees, oakland, 67. livermore, 75, san francisco, 64, in san jose right now, 69 degrees and here is the latest on what is now tropical storm norberg. it was briefly a category 3, 36 hours ago. now, the breath is being knocked out of it heading into cooler waters. 81 degrees. tell continue to weaken over the next 48 hours. it will turn towards the california/mexican border. now, they could pick up rain on wednesday night. 8:00 tonight, heading out, inland, near 70 degrees around the bay, in the middle 60s. coastline, near 60 degrees. afternoon highs tomorrow. in the middle 80s inland. it will be warmer than that as we head towards midweek. here is what is happening. the future cast. the pattern off shore, filling
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in along the shoreline. see this? that is the extent of the effects of norberg. spreading cloudiness through san bernardino county, hitting gilroy and that is it. as you see, rolling it on, high clouds dissipating. edging east. for us, in the south bay, high clouds, northern extent of it. so, slightly sticky on monday as the atmosphere gets juiced a little bit. coastline, mild to all this week. if you are heading out of the bay area, cool along the shoreline. 59 degrees there. down in monterey. 67 degrees and warm in the central valley. 96 degrees in fresno. you know, we are near average. tomorrow, cooler, san jose, a forecast high, concourt, 82. we will still be warm. down in the south bay tomorrow looking at middle 70s and a few
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80s. 83 degrees. 82 at campbell. mild day relatively speaking for the inland areas, 82 at danville. 84 degrees at fairfield. and, as we look tomorrow, 72 degrees. in san francisco, 66 and in oakland, 71 degrees tomorrow. north bay, looking nice. middle 70s way up north. it will be warm. 92. extended forecast, slight warming trend on the way for the bay area. temperatures nudging 92 degrees. the first part of the clearing. now, serena williams, power. >> i felt like she was opposite of the 49er game on fox. she did have her faithful. serena williams trying to make history but it came with a price. and forget dallas, today's d stands for domination. jim harbough's reaction, next ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ ♪ at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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49ers as they kicked off the season in dallas was the te would play with the absencef defensive stars navaro bowm and aldon can mar n mark off the biggest question mark is how the team would play in the absence of their defensive stars. l you can mark that question off of the list. the fans in dallas. out of the stadium. as fast as they ran in today. smith was replaced by dan scoota. he stripped the ball away from murray. he picked it up and he goes in for the first touchdown of the game.
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he would later leave with the concussion. quick 49er drive, down the field. ends in a 29 yard score, kaepernick, davis, hold on to that football. 14-3, san francisco. kaepernick, 16 of 23. 201 yards then, after a romo interception, groundhog day for the offense. davis, 21-3 after 5 plays on offense. it was a brutal day for tony romo who had back surgery. throw to patric willis. forcing four turnovers by today. now, after the break, that is 28-17. jim harbough has not lost a opener as a 49er head coach. >> a lot of redric. now, a lot of topics. and, you know. a lot of opinion.
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and, you know, i think that this game is about stealing the spot. that is where 49ers excel. >> raiders carried a 13 game losing streak in the time zone in new york. their last win came in 2009. when bruce was their quarterback. the rookie, carr, drinking up the lime light. facing the jets, first quarter, jets second year quarterback. smith. staring down as the receiver. he might be 37, he is still a playmaker. that gave carr a short field. now, finding him underneath. touchdown, raiders. first touchdown, 7-3. right behavior the half, the jets hit back. going to johnson, touchdown, now, watch justin on the replay. inches away from padding the pass incomplete. 10-7 new york.
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they held the raiders rushing attack. getting jones through, he kick today back somehow to the quarterback. and the raiders did not turn the ball over. raiders defense did not break most of the day. the jets, fumbling the ball, recovered. they kick the field goal and up it. 4th quarter. the defense finally does break. chris ivory avoids the tackles. 71 yards. the jets win 19-14. they outgain oakland by 244 yards. carr goes 20 of 32, 151 yards in his debut. >> this is not my first loss. it is not my first time losing a game. not my first time dealing with adversity. every time, you know, you can put it all on me. i am going to work my tail off and go ahead and fix these thing. serena williams did not drop a set on her way to the
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u.s. open finals. first set, overpowers with the backhand, sets upa an easy winner at the net. williams won the first set, 6- 3, more of the in the second. on the run again, setting up a winner from serene a. win fist straight sets to be the first player since chris everett in the middle 70s to win three straight u.s. open titles. she ties everett with 18 career grand slams. they plan to go out tonight, serena says she is buying the drinks. donaldson and the a's trying not to let the american league west look away. it is up, 2-1. now, if it is fair, it is gone. tell it good-bye. two-run shot, now, it brought cook to brow it out tonight. walked the bases loaded. but, it is up to them to get out of the jam. he gives up, sacrifice fly, the game is tied. then loads the bases one more time and this is tough to
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swallow here. he walked dexter fowler. scores the game-winning run. they win 4-3. 100 game losing streak is over. oakland, though, 7 back in the american league west. final round, pga tour playoffs, championship. now, rory, second par, 16, close to the hole. sets up bird. finishing 4 under today. he was tied for 8 in the tournament. getting the punt on 18. winning the second pga tour. he trails chris by 9 points in the point standings going into next weeks tour championship. looking to avoid chopping down by the timbers and portland. tied at 2. 85th minute. now, scores off the header. giving san jose a 3-2 lead. portland scores a minute later to tie the game. ends in a draw. the earthquakes are winless in
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the last 5 match >> so, game day tonight, your first -- so "gameday" tonight, first nfl in the books. >> all right. looking forward to that. >> thank you. >> are you really? >> i am going to watch. >> yes. not much enthusiasm. >> yes. i am more towards baseball. >> yes. thanks for watching. "60 minutes" is next. latest news, weather, sports always on appreciate you watching, see you at 11:00. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ingredients for life. captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: the explosion was a catastrophe-- 11 crew members were killed and the bp oil spill flowed for 87 days, causing environmental and economic damage from texas to florida. bp put up billions to pay compensation, but now there are questions about new claims for hundreds of millions of dollars. >> "do i have to prove that the oil spill directly harmed my business?" the answer is no. >> a business does not have to prove that their loss was directly caused by that event. >> pelley: bp says it is being forced to pay people who never saw oil anywhere but on tv. >> simon: it's one of the greatest humanitarian stories you've probably never heard. in 1938, a young londoner used his vacation to goo


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